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“We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows,

the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates.”


Jun'ichirō Tanizaki - In praise of shadows


I ́m a ceramicist and visual artist from Mallorca, Spain. I was trained in Fine Arts and printmaking in Madrid and completed a diploma in artistic ceramics in 2006 in Mallorca, with a graduation project entitled “ The Painted Vessel” inspired by Ken Eastman during ceramic studies at the Glasgow School of Art. I ́ve exhibited my ceramics, sculptures, drawings and illustrations in galleries in Spain and collaborated with other artists as a musician and ceramicist. I presented in 2020 my first solo exhibition in London at the Zetter Hotel Clerkenwell and worked in commissions as a ceramicist and illustrator. I ́m currently developing my practice and teaching ceramics in Peckham, London.

My practice focuses in thrown and altered sculptural ceramics with hand built elements. Im interested in multilayered projects that combine different materials and techniques to convey an imaginary narrative of the human condition, exploring fictional mutations around identity and biology also incorporating concepts from cosmology and Deep Time. In my 2020 solo exhibition Pangaea I explored narratives between ceramics with large-scale ink drawings. My methodology follows intuitive processes to create semi abstract expressive sculptures and drawings often mysterious and symbolic. I aim to explore the interior space of the vessel as a reference to prehistoric caves and a representation of an enclosed metaphysical and telluric space conveying spirituality, eternity and meditation, also evoking geological strata, ritual objects and the evolution of living forms.



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