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“Pangaea: Ceramics & Drawings” showcased in early 2020 in a solo exhibition in London. The theme proposed a journey through time from the creation of our planet to the formation of the ancient Pangaea, whose ambiguous symbolism represents at the same time a unifed world and a hostile territory for humanity.

A dozen sculptural ceramics explore the interior space of the vessel as a reference to caves and a representation of an en- closed methaphysical space, also evoking geological strata, ritual objects and the evolution of living forms. Additionally, a series of large ink drawings  represent the formation of our galaxy.

The ceramics are made from combinations of different grogged stoneware clays, thrown and altered with handbuilt sections and single red to Cone 6. They have a muted warm palette with occasional off-white matt glaze decoration, often including cuts and holes in the naked textured surface to reveal the interior of the piece.


Download the text for the exhibition 

Pangaea ceramics at The Zetter Hotel, London January 2020

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