ANOPHELES is an artistic project consisting in sculpture and drawing. It is a reflection on transmission, heredity,human condition and other aspects, from an singular perspective.

The female of the mosquito Anopheles, with 1 cm large, breeds its offspring by sucking the blood of their victims, transmitting the Malaria virus responsible for one million of deaths per year. The medical definition of Transmission is: “ transfer or conveyance of a thing or condition, such as an infectious or genetic disease from one person to another, or hereditary trait from parent to offspring.”

In the sculpture Anopheles, this insect is shown in a two hundred times increased size, offering a more watchful observation of the beauty of its shape, in contradiction with the frightful menace of the insect. In an odd concept of heredity, human figures will be reduced to an insect colony, reminding us of our parasitical attitude towards the environment. We are insects, and our own enemy.

From a mosquito perspective, the human figure reduced to his sanguine transmission system reveals the fragility of human existence.

Blood is an excellent source of DNA, the genetic code that transmits our essence and legacy.

The “Mosquito” device emits a high frequency tone to disperse “anti-social teenagers”. Criticised for being a repressive measure substituting the intergenerational debate, it causes failure of transmission and understanding of / to our offspring.

Exhibited at Maneu Art Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, Spain 2009

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The project includes large scale sculptures in resin and fibreglass, plaster, porcelain, as well as small scale silver and iron sculpture. Scroll down to see more images and visit the gallery for related drawings.